EPTISA is a multinational company based in Spain with more than 60 years of experience in engineering, consulting, information technology and corporate, economic and social development, operating in more than 55 countries. EPTISA, as well as being active all over the world, especially in Türkiye and South-eastern Europe, has intensified its activities in these areas.


EPTISA has started its activities in 2005 by providing consulting services for the establishment of SCADA for Bursa Water and Sewerage Administration (BUSKİ) and has been continuing its operations and presence in Turkey with the first EU-funded solid waste project, namely “Technical Assistance & Supervision for Çanakkale Regional Solid Waste Management Project - EuropeAid/122711/D/SER/TR”, since 2007. EPTISA established EPTISA Mühendislik Ltd. Şti. (EPTISA Türkiye) in 2007 to be closer to its clients, project beneficiaries as well as the target market.

EPTISA Türkiye, one of the local delegations of EPTISA, has gained an established position in Türkiye owing to its project management capacity developed within the last 14 years. As a result of its presence as well as its successfully implemented projects in Türkiye, EPTISA Türkiye has had a solid grasp of expectations on the region and the institutions within. The establishment of a local company in Türkiye constitutes a great support to clients and beneficiaries for the management and support of the projects. EPTISA Türkiye Headquarter, located in Ankara and staffed with over 60 full-time professionals (including full-time project managers and other qualified backstopping staff), is where the operations all over Türkiye as well as the provisions of technical, effective, logistical and advisory supports are organized for the ongoing projects in Türkiye.

Having built an office in Türkiye, EPTISA Türkiye had the chance to conduct projects smoothly. By this means, since its establishment, EPTISA Türkiye has successfully provided technical assistance and consulting services for water and environment, transportation, energy and buildings, sustainable cities and urban planning, as well as institutional, social and economic development sectors.

EPTISA Türkiye has cultivated a good understanding of the context and the state of affairs in Türkiye as well as the unique requirements of being a service provider to major public authorities and beneficiary organizations of the country with a view on their diverse capacities and needs. EPTISA Türkiye trusts that its acquired experience and lessons learned during the years of work in the region will provide efficient assistance for the international projects and facilitate the further enhancement of Türkiye's capacity for the future.