The social and economic perception of our work is most important to Eptisa Türkiye. In this sense, increasing the institutional capacities is a priority and Eptisa Türkiye seeks to improve the citizen’s way of living.

We have a wide experience in the preparation and implementation of social and economic development strategies, institutional strengthening and capacity building of authorities at all levels. With the experience we have, we successfully managed and implemented a number of similar projects in the region. Our services include:

  • Technical assistance in economic and regional development;
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building of public authorities;
  • Tourism planning, marketing and management;
  • Rural development and agriculture;
  • Good governance;
  • Judiciary reform, provision of legal aid and access to justice;
  • Labour market and social policy;
  • Employment and human resources development;
  • Vocational education and training;
  • Human rights protection, inclusion of minorities and vulnerable groups;
  • Public awareness and education;
  • Result oriented monitoring.