Protection of the environment, water and waste management, recovery of natural areas and turning to alternative energy resources become essential due to the ever-increasing world population and correspondingly accelerating consumption of natural resources, within the scope of the works being performed in line with the principle of sustainable future.

As Eptisa, we focus on environmental protection and sustainability while conducting our activities, with the awareness of environmental problems. In this context, we work with the objective of reducing the possible adverse impacts of resource consumption and our projects on the environment.

Eptisa’s Management implements Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO 9001 and 14001. This Integrated Environmental Management System implemented by Eptisa defines the pledge of reducing the environmental impacts of the Company.

On the other hand, as Eptisa Türkiye, we are happy to announce that we took an important step this year and neutralized our carbon emission caused by our activities in 2020 through carbon offsetting method. We, as Eptisa Türkiye, are proud of our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals No. 7, 8 and 13 with this activity.